I have varied interests and I aim to do work that captures my imagination and helps me grow as a human being and a professional. I don’t always get it right but, as the saying goes –

Life is not anything. It is an opportunity for something.

My work can be divided into three broad areas: law and digital risk; writing and thinking and my photography. This site will give you an overview of each of these work areas and my approach to my work.

When I am not working, I usually have my camera in my hands and spending time with my family.

Gina's flowers-2

I love good sci-fi and science shows. I am a huge superhero fan (mostly DC Universe but I’m coming around to Marvel) and am really more of a Star Trek person than Star Wars (fortunately my wife is too).

We live in Johannesburg, South Africa with our three Dachshunds.

I have a severe allergy to stupid, it’s acting up a lot lately.

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